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5G Beyond Borders

A geostrategic approach to 5G technology transformation in North America.

Who is Driving the 5G Transition in North America?

While there are many questions about what 5G is and what it will look like, policies are already shaping the future of 5G technology. These policies go beyond borders: the US, Canada, and Mexico share a similar approach to 5G that blends private industry and government support. Yet these efforts are largely tunnel-visioned -- focusing on in-country growth at the cost of innovation and security across borders. In this overview, we look at who is driving the 5G transition in North America, and what do the policies of US, Cananda and Mexico tell us about the 5G rollout.

5G Beyond Borders Smart Manufacturing Title Screen

Infographic: 5G & Smart Manufacturing in North America

5G is the next telecommunications standard and will build on previous generations of wireless technology. But unlike previous generations that focused mostly on direct consumer use cases (e.g. calls, texts, applications), this standard will primarily impact business first, and consumers indirectly.